Rylee Salome

My name is Rylee Salome and I am a Junior in high school. I am a 2 time 4A State Champion and 2022 Sun Country Women’s player of the year. I have participated in both the USGA Girls and Girls Junior PGA National Championships. My plans are to pursue a college education, while playing college golf. Ultimately, I would love to become a Veterinarian. Thank you all for supporting our golf team. We appreciate it very much.

Avery Latter

Hello, my name is Avery Latter. I am a senior at Belen High School and have been playing golf for 10 years. I really enjoy both the physical and mental challenges that golf presents. It definitely has made me more mentally tough and there is no other game like it Thank you for your support.

Jadarose Wright

My name is Jadarose Wright. I am currently a junior at Belen High School. I play varsity basketball as well. I just recently started play golf and look forward to this season. Golf is already challenging me and helping me become better at my other sport. Thank you all for you support.

Jaelynn Bob

My name is Jaelynn Bob and I am a junior at Belen High School. I play basketball for the high school too. This is my first year playing golf and I am looking forward to the new challenge. Thank you all for your support.


Hi my name is Gianna. I am a senior at Belen High School. Right now I am the manger of the girls golf team. Thank you all for your support.